I spent 20 years working my way up from entry level to CEO in a male-dominated industry. Then I became a negotiation trainer and consultant. Now, I am excited to give back to my community… as a teacher.

Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter, or call me at (612) 817-4560.

My Background

After 20 years in the business world, working my way up from the bottom (entry level) to the top (CEO), I became a negotiation trainer and consultant. I loved the clients I worked with, and the freedom it gave me to get even more involved in my community.

My Community Involvement

One of the community causes I got involved in was a campaign for getting out the YES vote for a $38 million dollar expansion to schools facilities, hockey rinks, and technology in my community. I was thrilled when it passed, but it got so nasty in our community. So, I went to talk with one of the school principals in our area. I asked her, how I could help the schools?  She encouraged me to become a substitute teacher, so I applied at the Minnesota Department of Education and received my short-call substitute license.

My Teaching Experience

I loved being in the classroom with all of the kids. This sparked my interest to get my masters in teaching. I realized I could leverage my business experience with my negotiation training, and really contribute to my community through teaching. So, I took a leap of faith and jumped into the MA (Masters in Arts) teaching program with a business focus at Bethel University. I dove deep into the academic world of business problem solving, theory and history of teaching, teaching methods, and lesson planning.

My Goal

Today, I am seeking a full time teaching position. I can’t wait to work with students, and help them become the leaders of tomorrow.

Contact me

Want to learn more about me or talk to me about a teaching position? Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter, or call me at (612) 817-4560.