ReBalance your Hormones and ReBalance your Life.

Water, sleep/rest, living foods, exercise, detoxification, nutritional supplements, and coping with stress – these are the seven pillars to assess health, according to Don Colbert, MD. Which one do you need to improve?  I needed to work on sleep and rest.


Three years ago, I was sitting in a meeting feeling tired, full of fatigue, irritable, and anxious. A wise young lady of 60 years old, Shirley passed me a business card and said, “ Go get your hormones balanced.”

As all of us age, hormone levels change in response to our environment, thought processes, stress levels, and food intake. Environmental toxins, medications, and pollutants also significantly impact hormone balance.

As women reach their mid-40s, they naturally lose progesterone. Progesterone is the calming hormone, which balances estrogen, calms our moods, and helps us sleep.


All of us in our 40s could benefit from a complete hormone assessment. The collaboration of a comprehensive lab panel, the provider, and the patient can help us achieve optimal hormone balance.

Rather than taking a sleep medication like Ambien, I choose bio-identical hormone replacement. It has been a good decision for me. Through the Living Wellness program, I’ve decreased stress, worked on improving a hormone balancing diet, and incorporated both cardio and weight training into my life.

With over 40 participants this fall, Living Wellness Growth Groups are pioneering with a big purpose.  To bring awareness of the root causes of disease, help human beings flourish, increase daily functional exercise, and teach individuals why they eat and what they should eat.


The Living Wellness Growth Groups have been analyzing the products and ingredients in the grocery stores this week. Going through the store with a personal trainer and nutrition expert is a life-changing experience. Ashley Darkenwald helped all of us choose products that nourished our bodies rather than just providing fuel.

The needle to true health and wellness has moved painfully slow in this country, but it is moving! We’ve all brought up the tough topics such as sugar, soda and GMOs. It all comes down to what people choose to buy and put in their mouths—and why.  So many consumers are still addicted to sugar, confused about what exercise to perform, and lack the awareness of the life-changing effects of clean eating.


My friend and business partner, Ashley Darkenwald, has been a professional in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. She has trained thousands of clients, and recognized that living well was a continuous journey, not a fad. She saw the need and created a road map for her clients.

Her book, Living Wellness, won the 2014 Midwest Independent Book Award for Education & Learning.  To build on its initial success, we are designing and implementing the Living Wellness Growth Kit. The kit is a scientific, proven road map to improved fitness, nutrition, and spiritual wellness. Learn more about growth groups and facilitator training – we’ve got some exciting things planned!

Our first Facilitator Training is on December 5thRegister here!


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