Are you serious about change?

Do you ever hear things a few times, from several different people, and think to yourself: “Maybe I should look into that”?


I was at the Gazelles Growth Summit in Las Vegas. I loved going to Vern Harnish’s conferences. He is a leader in high-growth companies. His speakers and events were informative, high-energy and creative. They always focused on four areas of business: strategy, execution, people, and cash.

During a break, I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.  This beautiful woman sat down at my table. I looked up from my phone. At the time, I had 10 nasty text messages coming from someone that I loved. Why? They didn’t even have the courage to pick up the phone and find out what was truly going on. They just sent off the mean messages, abandoned me, and never spoke to me again.

So, I told the woman at the table about it and she simply said, “Go to the Hoffman Process!”  She shared with me that her mom was an alcoholic and the Hoffman Process helped her break negative love patterns. I thought to myself, what is a negative love pattern?

After hearing about the Hoffman Process from several different executives over several years, I took a leap of faith and went to the Hoffman Process. It changed my life. It gave me tools and helped me discover that my parents had 286 negative love patterns. As their daughter, I automatically inherited all of their patterns. And unless I broke them, I would pass them on to my own kids.


Now, why am I talking about this as a part of being a better negotiator? Because we are human beings, and if you can understand these reactive and negative patterns, you will be a more effective negotiator.

The Process helped me become conscious of — and disconnect from — negative patterns of thought and behaviors on an emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual level in order to make significant positive changes in my life. I learned to remove habitual ways of thinking and behaving, align with my authentic self, and respond to situations in my life from a place of conscious choice.


One of the members of my Hoffman group was a spunky 80 year retired executive.  A rough and tumble old business man. He had suffered from depression for over 50 years. His wife told him, “If I get one good year with you free of depression, go spend a week at the Hoffman Process, GO!”

I watched him dancing at one of our events, and it made me smile.

Are you serious about change? If so, check out the Hoffman Process.

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