My Services

My services provide both structure and flexibility to help individuals and small groups hone their negotiation skills.

As a passionate negotiation consultant, I give you a negotiation framework that can be used both professionally and personally. It is not intended to replace valuable advice from professionals such as lawyers and accountants, but it often is exactly what my clients need to get centered and clear before they work with the big guns.

DB_AoN_220The Art of Negotiating

My flagship program is called “The Art of Negotiating.” It can be delivered in several formats, and has many options. Visit to learn more.

One-on-one CONSULTING, small group consulting, AND RETREATS

My Art of Negotiating program can be customized for individuals, small groups, and retreats. Examples of customization include:

  • Specific negotiation consulting (salary, promotion, new job….) and preparation
  • Supporting new business startup’s (vision, names, organization, registration, writing business plans)
  • Negotiating with employees
  • Women in construction
  • Family business dynamics
  • Succession planning
  • Business success, growth, traction and selling
  • Confidence-building
  • Women in male-dominated industries
  • Negotiating between generations (Gen X, Millennials, etc.)

Professional speaking

It’s an honor to share my experience and insights with groups of any size. My most frequent speaking topics include:

  • Outthink, Outprepare, Outperform: High-stakes Negotiating for Business
  • Women in male-dominated industries
  • Leader Living Wellness Growth Groups
  • Confidence-building
  • Courage and the ability to professionally stand up for yourself.
  • How to build traction for business success

Please contact me for pricing, availability, and more details about my services.